PowerLines Pro Designer

Intuitive power line design software

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Productivity Multiplied

Do more. In less time

  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to learn.
  • Web based software makes your designs accessible anywhere, any time, on any computer.
  • New features released regularly and are immediately and automatically available to use.
  • Extensive tutorials as well as demonstration videos available.

Physics-enabled design

Focus on the details while plp does the rest

  • Benefit from automated user inputs such as ruling span calculations, sag-tension measurements, and stringing tables.
  • Create and reuse design templates to your exact requirements.
  • Eliminate repetitions and increase accuracy as input data is updated live.

3D Visualization

Elegant, precise, intuitive

  • Launch into design with a rich set of intuitive line and terrain modelling tools.
  • Cut down on design time with an in-built conductor wire, pole, and pole-top construction library.
  • Edit and create pole top constructions with ease.

Import and integrate

Draw on your current data

  • Build and update designs from existing data resources: GIS, survey data and plans, contour plots, engineering reports, maps, libraries, and more.
  • Import a variety of file formats, including DXF, CSV, PDF, MapInfo, and SHP.
  • Model using LiDAR point clouds - more than 100 million points supported in the cloud or by connecting to your data.

Clearance measurements

Measure impact to the centimetre

  • Perform 3D inter-circuit and obstruction clearance measurements, from buildings, to fences to trees, in a matter of clicks.
  • Sort out line-to-pole and line-to-obstruction clearance measurements, and benefit from real-time point cloud clearance checks.
  • Take care of ground clearance measurements easily and intuitively.

Analysis and views

Reduce the need for site visits

  • Problem-solve in the cloud with foundational analysis and structural analysis of conductors, poles, construction components.
  • Eliminate guesswork and repetition with multiple profile views from a single 3D model and multi-pole limit state overview.

Industry standards

Stay up to date with the latest standards

  • Calculate and report in detail all the forces and bending moments on crossarms, braces, insulators and more.
  • Import manufacturer data for your components including pass/fail criteria.
  • Read our Validation Report

Report, export and share

Stay up to date with the latest standards

  • Share a link to your designs to give clients and utilities the bigger picture, along with options showing different benefits and limitations.
  • Export a variety of reports, from integrated design-wide validation reports to profile, plan view, and tip load reports.
  • Export to AutoCAD DXF and PDF formats so you can adapt flexibly to client and utility workflows.