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Cloud-based Digital Twin

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Realize your Digital Twin Ambitions

Stay ahead of the market

  • Make meaningful predictions and decisions in the wake of electric vehicles, changing environments and grid cost parity.

  • Unlock the potential of data across your teams to create a virtual, evolving model of your network, so you can model the impacts of change and make meaningful decisions.

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Intelligent Network Analysis

Less guesswork, more decision-making

  • Monitor, test and run simulations under different conditions with data-driven intelligence.

  • Rely on evolving algorithms to inform decisions and pivot according to industry changes and technological advancements.

  • Explore the possibilities of predictive maintenance with IoT-connected assets, lowering costs.

Leverage the data you have

Immediate time-to-value

  • Bootstrap your digital twin from existing data, including GIS, LiDAR. Fix problems and dynamically sync.

  • Have PLP Analytics do the work for you and your team - not the other way around.

Eliminate Data Silos

Streamline across teams

  • Integrate analysis, design, asset management data and more into one single source.

  • Empower your teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively across mobile and desktop - from linesmen in the field to the CEO.


  • Deduplicate and streamline using an end-to-end design lifecycle - all interactions starting from and feeding into your network-wide model.


From design to construction, maintenance and asset management, Power Lines Pro can integrate and innovate according to your team and business goals

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