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PLP Analytics  

Auto-generate your entire distribution network from LiDAR, imagery and GIS into a 3D digital twin.  Let PLP Analytics run comprehensive simulations and network-wide analysis to future proof your grid.

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More than a 3d model

Leverage LiDAR to create your digital twin

Easily upload your LiDAR dataset into PLP Analytics to create an accurate digital twin of your distribution network. Let PLP take care of the calculations and analysis while you focus on designing.

Structural + Clearance analysis

highlights violating structures

Conduct network wide 


PLP Analytics adds rigorous structural and clearance analysis on top of a holistic 3-D modelling. Establish your conditions and analyze your entire network to find weaknesses in your grid.

Analyse sections of your network by

grid health and possible violations

Analyze sections of your network by

grid health and possible violations

Make changes to your model in the cloud

Pinpoint and prioritize failing and vulnerable structures for appropriate action to be taken. Design and adjust while PLP Analytics gives you engineering grade calculation and feedback.

Adjust model to pass under all parameters

Proactively approach grid-hardening

Specify environment

Specify relevant conditions to establish a simulation environment to test the resilience of your grid.


Simulate Impacts

Simulate weather events

to analyze their impacts

on your entire 

distribution network


Find Solutions

Model proposed solutions

and determine how 

effective they will be

in the test scenario.


Use Cases

Smart designs. Smart decisions.

Next generation power-distribution analytics and management tool.

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