Simplify your line design process with

elegant and intuitive software


design and manage in one interface

Work faster with 

dynamic calculation 


Changes made in a user's model

results in real-time feedback with

all necessary information and analysis automatically calculated.


With deeper automation embedded into the design process, Power Lines Pro helps users to focus more on designing instead of math, making their work-flow smoother and more productive.

Generate network-wide models and design with a holistic view

Unlock the potential of data across your teams to create an evolving

model of the network as a

complete entity.

Test and monitor the impacts of different environmental scenarios 

with data-driven intelligence to make

better design decisions with your team.

Stay aware and

compliant with 

industry regulations

Power Lines Pro lets you validate designs against industry standards by allowing you to import manufacturer data for components as well as pass/fail criteria.

Calculate all forces and bending moments in detail on cross arms, braces, insulators and more.






km² of area

managed with PLP

Poles being


Users would


Users improved


Software Features


"I've been beside work colleagues who use other software and this reminds me how powerful and more efficient Power Lines Pro is. It is easy to learn and use with excellent results, presentation instantly available."


Dan McLeely - Director at IAMSL and Safe Lines Ltd

"The quality of design has improved out of sight. The speed of modelling LiDAR defects has increased. Before when we used multiple spreadsheets it would take 15-20 minutes to create a model but now it only takes 2-3 minutes."


Essential Energy user feedback report 2019

"When I used 2D programs, it was always a very manual task to calculate and it turned into a nightmare. I'd set my poles in the design, work out the sag and blow-out and then I'd get the section back from the civil engineer only to find out I needed to make more changes. We'd go back and forth for days, sometimes week. With PLP, my designs take less time. There's less frustration and fewer headaches so I can concentrate on what I should be doing - the design."


David Smith - Engineer at Arconatech Ltd.

Smart designs. Smart decisions.

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