3D Modelling

  • Rich set of intuitive line and terrain modelling tools
  • Ground clearance measurements
  • Editing / creation of pole top constructions
  • Image overlays, point clound & survey data integration


  • Structural analysis of conductors, poles, construction components
  • Foundation analysis
  • Integrated design-wide validation reports
  • Multiple profile views from single 3D model
  • DXF reports: profile, plan view
  • PDF reports: tip load, profile, plan view
  • Multi-pole limit state overview

3D Clearance Measurements

  • Obstructions, e.g. buildings, fences, trees
  • 3D inter-circuit clearance measurements
  • Line-to-pole and Line-to-obstruction clearance measurement
  • Real-time point cloud clearance checks


  • LiDAR - 100'sM+ points in-application,
    option to host TB’s in the cloud or connect to your data
  • DXF (GIS, Survey Plan, Contour plot, Profile, Schematics)
  • CSV (Survey, Libraries, Engineering reports, bill of materials...)
  • PDF (Charts, Reports)
  • MapInfo, SHP (GIS, etc)
topographic dxf import LiDAR support
tip load plot Tipload Reporting
topographic dxf import Topographic Import (Contours)
tip load plot Hosted cloud data
obstruction clearance Obstruction + Blowout Clearance
midspan clearance Midspan Clearance
profile view slice Custom Profile Slice
inter-phase clearance Inter-conductor clearance
dxf import dialog DXF Import Dialog
construction library examples Construction Library Samples